NewSpring Megachurch Leaders Say Fired Pastor Perry Noble Still Biblically Unfit to Preach

Teaching Pastor Clayton King (C) of NewSpring Church in South Carolina delivers a statement during a church leadership meeting on Friday July 21, 2017. At left (inset) is the church’s founder, Perry Noble who was fired from his position in July 2016.

Despite Perry Noble’s return to preaching after successfully completing rehab, leaders of NewSpring — South Carolina’s largest church — say their founder, who was fired from his job as senior pastor last July for alcohol abuse and other “unfortunate choices and decisions,” is still not biblically qualified to preach.

“We have been asked why Perry can preach at other churches but not at NewSpring. We cannot speak for other churches and how they make decisions. For us, Perry currently does not meet the biblical qualifications of a pastor, teacher, shepherd,” NewSpring Teaching Pastor Clayton King told the megachurch in what was described as a family meeting last Friday.

Noble returned to the pulpit in February with the blessing of his friend and confidante, Steven Furtick, just over seven months after he was fired by NewSpring. He has continued to preach at other churches, including most recently at Mission City Church in Florida.

King explained that there had been questions in the congregation about whether it was wise to have fired Noble last year. There were also questions on why, now that he is back in the pulpit, he was being invited to preach at other churches and not NewSpring.

“Our desire for tonight is to speak the truth in love and answer the questions you have asked us,” said King whose team noted that giving was down since Noble’s exit but the church now had more than $15 million in surplus in the bank after paying off debt.

“A little over a year ago we faced a situation that forced us to ask a question. Do we take the Bible seriously? Will we follow what the Bible teaches regarding the qualifications of a leader and the process of trying to lovingly confront sinful behavior that leads to restored relationships? Our founding pastor, our leaders and our governing documents took seriously the scriptures that list the qualifications of a leader, shepherd,” he said.

He then went on to highlight three biblical scriptures on leadership — Timothy 3:1-5, Titus 1:5b-9 and James 3:1 — and expounded on them briefly.

“You may not like the standard laid out in Scripture, but would you ever entrust your life to the pilot of an airplane who could not meet the requirement to fly the aircraft you were sitting in? How much more important is it that we take seriously what the Bible says about those who lead us and care for our eternal souls. This does not, nor will ever mean that imperfect people aren’t welcome at NewSpring. The truth is none of us are perfect,” he said.

With the support of NewSpring’s new leadership team, King said they were following Matthew 18 when they made the decision to fire Noble last year.

“As you can imagine, seeing your brother making choices that were hurting his ministry, his family and his personal walk with Jesus was very difficult. There is no doubt he was and is still loved by myself and the men standing with me tonight,” King said.

“We knew that to honor God’s Word and to love Perry and his family well, we had to act. There were numerous conversations and offers made to Perry so that he could receive the help he needed but he was unwilling to accept them. This left the leadership of the church with only one option — a decision that no one wanted to make. We believed that we had done all we could do to help Perry remain as our senior pastor. So in July of last year, we released him from that position. This is when we brought the situation before you, the church, as outlined by Jesus in Matthew 18,” he continued.

“Some have questioned our decision to remove Perry especially in light of his return to preaching and speaking. He’s been vocal about how he feels, that we didn’t reach out to him in the days following his release. We understand how that has caused some to question whether we offered forgiveness and grace to our friend. The leaders on this stage have completely forgiven Perry,” he said to applause.

King said since Noble’s firing, he and others from the church have been reaching out to Noble but said their efforts have been repeatedly rejected.

“The truth is many people did reach out and we desired to spend time with him. In most instances, he declined. I have personally reached out to Perry consistently for 13 months and he has declined to meet with me,” he said.

He further noted that Noble’s wife, Lucretia, desires to be reconciled with her husband but that is also yet to happen.

“Many of us have walked with Lucretia over the past year and she is 100 percent committed to Perry, their marriage and desires reconciliation,” King said.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post – Leonardo Blair