WATCH: Pastor John Hagee Issues An End Times Warning In Interview with CBN News – ‘The Fuse Is Lit, Every Prophetic Player Is on Stage’

Over 5,000 Christians traveled to Washington, D.C. this week for the 12th annual Christians United for Israel Summit.

As part of the summit, attendees lobbied congressmen and senators for a day on Capitol Hill to stand with Israel. At the top of the list of legislation they’d like to see passed is the Taylor Force Act, which calls for a halt of all U.S. taxpayer funding of the Palestinian Authority until they stop rewarding people for being terrorists.

“The United States of America has been giving money to the Palestinians; the Palestinians have been using that money to pay bonuses to terrorists who kill Jews and we are saying to our government shut that money off,” Pastor John Hagee, founder of CUFI, told CBN News. “America should not be paying for the murder of Jewish people.”

Hagee Praises Trump’s Pro-Israel Stance

On Monday night, Pastor Hagee introduced Vice President Mike Pence to deliver the summit’s keynote address. Hagee says he’s pleased with this administration’s commitment to supporting Israel.

“This administration’s position towards Israel is probably the most aggressive, pro-Israel administration in my lifetime,” said Hagee. “I assure you it’s a million miles in front of the former administration.”

Pastor Hagee thinks at some point during President Donald Trump’s presidency, the U.S. Embassy in Israel will move to Jerusalem.

“I’m very confident that President Trump will move the embassy. He has promised that he would get us a conservative Supreme Court justice; he has done that,” Hagee told CBN News.

“He has promised that he will rebuild the U.S. military; he is doing that,” he continued. “In spite of the Russian witch-hunt and the obstinate Democrats, he’s doing his very, very best to fulfill his promises. And I know that he will in his own time move that embassy.”

Hagee Weighs in on the ‘End of Days’

Hagee made national headlines a few years ago with his studies and observations on the series of four blood moons that appeared in the sky and all coincided with Jewish feast days. Hagee says these were prophesied in the Bible and are a sign that God is about to move on the world stage.

“The four blood moons, as soon as the fourth blood moon appeared, you will follow the press followings that Russia moved out of Russia into the Middle East,” Hagee noted. “They moved their military forces into the Middle East. The 38th chapter of the book of Ezekiel says that when the King of the north moves out of the north, I will bring you out of the north. Then we are getting ready to watch the Genesis of the Gog-Magog War.”

“So the very specific thing that happened as soon as those blood moons ended was that Russia moved out to the Middle East, and Russia is not going to leave the Middle East,” Hagee warned. “They’re going to join with Iran to build… a massive army that will in time try to perform a land invasion of the state of Israel.”

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SOURCE: CBN News – Abigail Robertson