Israel Installs Security Cameras Near Entrance to Jerusalem Holy Site as Tensions Rise

Israel has installed security cameras near the entrance to one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem as tensions between Israelis and Palestinians edge higher after a violent week.

The security cameras are in addition to metal detectors placed last week at the Lion’s Gate entrance to the site, known as the Temple Mount to Jews and the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims.

The metal detectors — seen by Palestinians and Arab countries as an attempt by Israel to unilaterally exert control over the holy site — triggered widespread protests across Jerusalem and the West Bank. The added installation of security cameras is liable to spark more protests.

Israel installed the metal detectors after an attack at the site in which two Israeli police officers were killed. The metal detectors may be the immediate reason for protests that have broken out across the region; it is control of the holy site that is at the heart of this outbreak of demonstrations.

Key developments:
– Israel installed security cameras near the entrance to Old City of Jerusalem holy site early Sunday morning.

– New decisions about security measures in the Old City could be made at a Sunday night Israeli security cabinet meeting.

– Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas suspended contact, including security coordination, between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

– Three Israelis were killed in their home in a West Bank settlement on Friday. Police say a Palestinian man stabbed them to death.

– Four Palestinians were killed in ongoing demonstrations against Israeli security forces Friday and Saturday.

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SOURCE: CNN, Oren Liebermann and Ian Lee