Why Christians Need to Leave Kim Burrell Alone About Collaborating With Jay Z On his New Album

Kim Burrell
Kim Burrell

When some Christians found out that Gospel artist Kim Burrell collaborated with rapper Jay Z on his new album 4:44, they came out swinging. Some were upset that she had worked with a “worldly” artist — especially considering that said artist’s mother, Gloria Carter, “came out” as a lesbian on the album.

EX Ministries founder G. Craige Lewis accused Kim Burrell of seeking “fame” and causing confusion for many of her fans.

But here are three reasons why we believe Christians ought to leave Kim Burrell alone regarding this matter.

  1. It says a lot about Jay Z that he would work with a Christian Gospel artist who recently very publicly condemned the “perverted homosexual spirit” and urged homosexuals to “beg God” to free them. We all ought to be praying that Sister Burrell was a positive influence on Jay Z and his mother and that that influence will lead to their salvation.
  1. We cannot judge Jay Z or Kim Burrell because of Gloria Carter’s sins. We all ought to love our parents regardless of what they do, and that is what Jay Z is doing as a son. Some of you Christians have parents and brothers and sisters who are homosexuals. Do you hate them? As Christians, we should still love and respect our parents, brothers, and sisters who are homosexuals, even though we cannot agree with their lifestyle.
  1. Christians ought to be about reaching the lost, not staying in our little corner and congratulating ourselves. Jesus was constantly with “publicans and sinners.” He went out into the world to “seek and save those who were lost.” All Christians ought to do likewise.

I’d rather see Kim Burrell, who has already made her statement clear on this subject, reach out and be a blessing to Jay Z, his family, and his fans with the Gospel than hooking up with other Christians such as Marvin Sapp who are already going to Heaven. Let’s hang with the sinners and try to get them saved. Let’s be in the world and not of the world.

–BCNN1 Editors