Here We Go: Salvation Army Substance Abuse Center in NY Sued for Gender Identity Discrimination

A few years ago, who could believe that the U.S. House would actually be debating taxpayer-funded sex changes? Even more disturbing, who could imagine that 23 Republicans would actually support the idea? Unfortunately, these are the realities of a post-Obama world, where conservatives are desperately fighting to rebuild America from the rubble that eight years of extremism left behind.

That’s no easy task, as last Friday’s vote on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) proved. When 23 Republicans helped sink an amendment that would’ve protected taxpayers from the $3.7 billion price tag for the military’s “free” gender reassignment surgery, it was hard to find a silver lining. That is, until voters got involved. Shocked and frustrated, Americans started overwhelming members’ offices with calls. The backlash was so intense that Republican defectors like Justin Amash (R-Mich.) shifted to damage control, desperately trying to explain the betrayal. Suddenly, the far-Left’s celebration seemed a little premature. If polling doesn’t convince Republicans how unpopular Obama’s transgender agenda is, maybe the pushback from Friday will.

But unfortunately for Americans, this problem isn’t going away. We see it in our schools, where boys and girls think they’re walking into a safe space and see the opposite sex undressing instead. Just yesterday, a 17-year-old high school student in Pennsylvania had to take the witness stand in Pennsylvania and describe the trauma of seeing a young girl. “I scrambled to get everything into my locker so I could get out of there,” he told the court. “I felt really humiliated. I was standing in my underwear. I have every right to use the male bathrooms and expect privacy.” The ACLU disagrees, arguing that if anyone should be forced to feel uncomfortable, it’s the 99.5 percent of society who doesn’t identify as transgender.

While parents fight on that front, faith-based groups are being assaulted on another. In New York City, the local human rights commission is charging the Salvation Army’s substance abuse center with “gender identity discrimination” for refusing to change their rules to accommodate people who identify as transgender. Their crime? Housing patients according to their actual gender. “One representative said that ‘people with moving male parts would be housed with men,'” said a city official who conducted the investigation. Liberals were aghast at another facility when the Salvation Army said it provided private rooms for people struggling with their identity — but they were vilified even for that. As a religious organization, no one is quite sure whether the commission has a legal leg to stand on. But it’s certainly an example of the harassment facing Christians who are only trying to serve guided by their deeply-held biblical beliefs.

Maybe now, more Americans will wake up and demand that these issues be dealt with based on objective, verifiable facts. And as much as the Left hates science, biology makes it clear: there are two genders, male and female. A society that can’t agree on that is a society in serious trouble.

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Source: Family Research Council