Tragic! WNBA’s Seattle Storm Partners With Planned Parenthood

Ron Hoskins/NBAE/Getty Images

The Seattle Storm of the WNBA  joined forces with the nation’s premier abortion factory, Planned Parenthood.

Left-wing blogger Dave Zirin expressed his joy in the newly formed partnership and praised the nascent alliance in his Edge of Sports column. Moreover, Zirin expressed his disdain for President Donald Trump while he was at it.

“The move by the Storm is a recognition that Planned Parenthood is not only popular in liberal enclaves like Seattle. Despite years of demonization, it is viewed positively by a majority of the country and is far more popular than the illegitimate sexual predator who inhabits the Oval Office,” wrote Zirin.

Zirin also lambasted Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett for extracting the former Seattle Supersonics franchise from the Emerald City. Erin calls Bennett’s politics “somewhere to the right of Genghis Khan” and accuses him of absconding the team and “devastating a city… for the high-minded purpose of hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate welfare.”

The blogger/podcaster claims that Bennett disregards women’s basketball and writes that Bennett’s “operatives in Washington want to destroy: Planned Parenthood. Yes, Planned Parenthood.”

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SOURCE: Breitbart – Robert J. Marlow