Black Woman Sues Her White Dermatologist for Calling Her ‘Aunt Jemima’

A woman in Tennessee is planning to file a complaint with the state medical board after her doctor referred to her as ‘Aunt Jemima’ throughout her appointment.

Lexie Carter, who lives in Memphis, said her dermatologist, Dr James Turner, greeted her by saying ‘Hi Aunt Jemima’ during her July 11 visit.

‘I was just sitting there waiting to be seen and he walked in,’ Carter said to WMCA. ‘He had a young girl, physician’s assistant trainee, a student with him, and he looks at me and goes “Hi Aunt Jemima.”‘

Carter first posted about the incident on her Facebook page, calling the ordeal ‘unbelievable.’

The name Aunt Jemima is a brand of pancake mix and syrup that debuted in 1889 by Quaker Oats, but has also been used as a racial slur aimed toward black women.

Its roots are from a period of American history when white performers wore blackface, and conjures images of slave culture and plantation life.

‘I haven’t slept. I haven’t really been able to deal with this,’ Carter explained. ‘It’s just the most horrible feeling really and I try to understand it and I don’t understand it.

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Source: Daily Mail