Study Says Blacks Spend More Time Reading Scripture, Are More Bible-Engaged Than Any Other Group

African-Americans are more engaged with the Bible than any other group, according to the American Bible Society’s State of the Bible survey, which found that this group overwhelmingly cites positive beliefs and hope found in the Scriptures.

The study showed that 71 percent of African-Americans are Bible engaged or Bible friendly, compared to 58 percent of all Americans. Only 6 percent of African-Americans have hostile feelings toward the Bible and just 4 percent are skeptical while 19 percent are neutral, the research found.

“African-Americans are much more inclined to recognize the value of reading the Bible,” Roy Peterson, president of American Bible Society, said in a statement. “Anyone who devotes time to the Word of God can discover its unique ability to help make sense of life.”

For the purpose of the annual study, the researchers defined “Bible-engagement” as having the belief that the Bible is the actual Word of God or inspired word with no errors, coupled with the practise of reading the Bible at least four times each week. Even those who believe that the Bible is “inspired word” with some possible factual errors but read it daily were also considered Bible-engaged.

And “Bible-friendly” are those who believe that the Bible is the actual Word of God or inspired word with no errors but do not read Bible at least four times a week.

The study revealed that when African-Americans sit down to read the Bible, 29 percent read it for an hour or more, which was the leading timeframe for this category. Fifty-one percent cited feeling encouraged and 53 percent said they felt hopeful as a result of reading the Bible.

African-Americans ranked higher than all Americans in six other things. Ninety-five percent own at least one Bible in their homes, 74 percent wish they read the Bible more, 46 percent downloaded or used a Bible app on a smart phone, 33 percent increased Bible reading in the last year, 40 percent listened to audio versions of the Bible, and 27 percent read or listened to the Bible or prayed every day.

Twenty percent of the American population is Bible engaged, and 38 percent are Bible friendly, the study found.

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