President Trump Criticized for Telling French First Lady She’s “In Such Good Shape”

President Trump was criticized on social media for what many saw as another instance of inappropriate behavior toward women.

Upon meeting French President Emmanuel Macron and the French first lady, Trump commented on Brigitte Macron’s appearance.

The moment was captured on video, posted on the French government’s Facebook page and picked up by media in the U.S.

In the video, the two leaders appear to be making small talk when the American president turns to Mrs. Macron and says, in a somewhat surprised tone, “You’re in such good shape.”

He follows that up with, “Beautiful.”

Mrs. Trump smiles pleasantly as Mrs. Macron moves closer to her side and cups her elbow.

Like the Trumps, there is an age difference between the Macrons. Emmanuel Macron is 25 years younger than his wife; Melania Trump is roughly 24 years younger than the president.