John Piper Says He Has Never Felt Sexually Attracted to Another Woman While Married

Christian minister John Piper is seen in this photo shared publicly in 2012 by his Desiring God ministry on Facebook.

Evangelical theologian John Piper said he has “never felt enticed” to have sex with another woman during the nearly 50 years he has been married to his wife, Noel.

In a letter to “a would-be adulterer,” Piper said he has “never been attracted to another woman romantically” and has “never desired sexual relations with another woman. The only woman he has been sexually attracted to for the past five decades is Noel, his wife of 48 years.

The 71-year-old author and founder of clarified that he is neither disinterested in sex nor does he have deficient hormones. In fact, he said he has “enjoyed a life of sexual intimacy with my wife, that is, I think, as intense as any can reasonably hope for.”

He further noted that he is not immune to temptation, stating that he is not designed for beach evangelism.

“My eyes are as magnetized toward excessive female skin as most men’s,” the Bethlehem College and Seminary chancellor wrote.

But there are parameters he puts in place to make sure his eyes don’t wander.

“I have zero tolerance for nudity in films — or even suggestiveness (which rules out almost all of them). One reason (among many) is that any sexually charged image lodges itself in my mind, with regrettable effects,” he noted.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Sheryl Lynn