Jeff Sessions Says Trump Directed Him to Issue New Guidance on Religious Liberty Protections

President Trump has directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions to issue new guidance to government agencies for interpreting federal religious liberty protections.

The attorney general revealed the directive on Tuesday in a speech to the conservative Christian legal group Alliance Defending Freedom. The Federalist on Thursday released Sessions’ prepared remarks from the event, which members of the press were barred from attending.

“The president has also directed me to issue guidance on how to apply federal religious liberty protections,” Sessions said. “The department is finalizing this guidance, and I will soon issue it.”

The fact that Sessions has been directed to issue such guidance fulfills a key provision of Trump’s May 4 executive order granting religious organizations and churches greater leeway in their political activities, such as endorsing candidates.

It also offers “regulatory relief” to religious groups that object to the Affordable Care Act’s provision mandating that employers offer certain health services to their employees, such as access to contraceptives.

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SOURCE: The Hill, Max Greenwood