Ariana Grande Named Honorary Citizen of Manchester

Manchester has returned the love for Ariana Grande by naming the singer its first-ever honorary citizen.

City council leader Richard Leese proposed the idea to honor the pop star last month after Grande, 24, returned to the city for the One Love Manchester concert to benefit the 22 people were killed and more than 250 were injured on May 22 after a suicide bomber detonated an improvised explosive device minutes after her concert ended.

Council officials voted Wednesday to back the proposal, which passed unanimously, according to NBC News.

“It would have been understandable if [Grande] had never wanted to see this place again,” Leese said before the vote. “But she determined she would not perform again until she had returned to Manchester. In doing so she brought comfort to thousands, she raised millions for the We Love Manchester Emergency Fund. [That’s why] I propose Ariana Grande is made the first honorary citizen of the city of Manchester.”

Officials said the city plans to award the title of honorary citizen to those from outside Manchester who it perceives to have made an outstanding contribution.

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SOURCE: PEOPLE, Stephanie Petit