How to Send a Text Message to Your Email

Need to send a picture from your phone to your computer, or want to send a reminder to yourself for later? You can send a text to any email address you’d like, including your own. The text will appear in the email inbox moments after you send it from the phone.

1. Open your messaging app on your phone. You can use your standard SMS app to send yourself an email.

2. Compose a new message addressed to your email address. Enter your full email address in the “Recipient” field where you would normally enter the wireless number.

3. Attach any file you’d like. Tap the “Attach” button in your messaging app to browse your phone for an attachment. You can attach a single image or video as long as it isn’t too big for a standard text.

4. Send the text. Tap the send button in your messaging app to send it to your email. It should appear in your inbox in a few moments.

If the text does not appear in your inbox, and you’re sure you entered the address correctly, then your mobile plan likely does not support MMS. Contact your carrier if you would like to add this feature.