WATCH: Strangers Respond To Traffic Fatality In Columbus By Forming Prayer Circle Around Victim

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As the lifeless body of Mary Alice Gleghorn lay in the street early Tuesday, a group of about 10 people gathered around. They held hands and prayed for her.

“God has received another angel today,” a woman said. “Regardless of the situation, we all just need to let it be in God’s hands.”

Sarah Lawrence of Columbus was among those in the circle praying.

“I felt peace about the circle, with the woman next to me, the people around me,” Lawrence recalled.

According to a police report, Gleghorn was a 65-year-old homeless woman who died after being struck by a 2003 Ford F-150 truck on 13th Street in downtown Columbus.

Authorities were called to the intersection of First Avenue and 13th Street around 12:05 a.m. on July 4.

The driver told police she entered the intersection at First Avenue on a green light and did not see Gleghorn, who was standing in the intersection. She told police she had changed lanes to try to avoid Gleghorn.

The 29-year-old Lawrence, who works for a local insurance firm, said she was in a vehicle that turned right on 13th Street from Broadway shortly after the incident.

She saw Gleghorn in the road with another woman standing by her.

“I initially assumed it was a fight or a disagreement,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence asked what had happened and the woman standing behind the body said Gleghorn was not breathing.

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SOURCE: Columbus Ledger-Enquirer – Larry Gierer