Video Shows Police Officer Shooting Homeowner’s Two Dogs in Minneapolis

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A police officer hopped a homeowner’s fence and shot their two dogs Saturday night, according to the woman’s home surveillance video.

Both of the dogs are alive but need thousands of dollars worth of surgery, Jennifer LeMay told the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Police were responding to a call at the house after one of the daughter’s accidentally tripped the alarm. It was quickly deactivated when the daughter called the security company. Officers responded about 20 minutes later.

LeMay said two officers came to the home. They did not knock on the door. One stood at the front door as the other jumped their 7-foot privacy fence.

The video shows the officer standing in the backyard. The first dog, Ciroc, looks distracted, walks toward the officer but stops about 10 feet from him. The officer fires his gun and the dog runs as another dog, Rocko, comes into the camera. The officer then fires several times at him.

But from the way LeMay sees it, based on video recorded from her home security system, her Staffordshire terriers, who are certified therapy dogs for her children, were doing nothing wrong.

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SOURCE:, Jared Leone