Cross Point Church in Nashville Announces That Kevin Queen, Pastor of 12Stone Church, Will Replace Founding Pastor Pete Wilson

The multi-campus Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee, announced Sunday that Kevin Queen, pastor of 12Stone Church’s Hamilton Mill campus in Georgia, will replace their founding pastor, Pete Wilson, who abruptly resigned from his post last September.

Chris Nichols, the multi-site pastor for Cross Point, announced Queen’s hiring during Cross Point’s 9:00 a.m. service in Nashville, according to The Tennessean.

An eight-person team of Cross Point leaders involved in Queen’s hiring said his background as a multi-site church pastor combined with his conversational speaking style and humor were assets that helped him secure the job.

“When it came to the end of the process, he was without question the best combination of those gifts and those realities,” Nichols told the Tennessean. “It just felt like one of us.”

Nichols explained that Queen is expected to start his new role in August but will move to Nashville in July.

Prior to Wilson’s resignation, weekly attendance at Cross Point was about 7,500 people across all locations. Since he left, weekly attendance has dropped to 5,600 and giving fell by nearly $400,000.

Cross Point is hoping that Queen will be able to turn things around and he appears to be ready for the challenge.

“I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for us to begin this journey together. As a family we’re packing up boxes and counting down the days until we get to be with you in Nashville. I want you to know; I’ve been hearing amazing stories about you. Stories of compassion, how you help those in need (I’ve binge-watched Dollar Club videos on YouTube),” he said in a message posted on Cross Point’s website.

“…All these stories make Cross Point feel like home before the moving trucks even show up to our house. God is writing a new story for our family, for our church, and for you. I look forward to hearing your story and dream together about the next story he will write. I believe it’s going to be far more than we could ever ask or imagine. I’m praying for you and believing with you,” Queen added.

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Source: Christian Post