Can Conservative Christians Really be ‘Pro-Life’ if They Oppose Universal Healthcare and Support Drone Strikes That Kill Innocent Civilians?

by Sheri Faye Rosendahl

Those who support the Muslim Ban, are adamantly against universal healthcare, support drone strikes that kill thousands of children abroad, yet call themselves “pro-life” — I am trying to understand where you are coming from because I can’t for the life of me figure out how this perspective aligns with the ways of your savior.

From what I can see, it appears life before birth is something you consider a cause worth fighting for — but, in the same breath, you fight vigorously against a system that ensures healthcare to all children domestically and are totally cool with policies that condemn to death children abroad, deeming them “collateral damage.” When is life precious and when is it “collateral damage?” Real talk — I need an explanation to understand the logic.

I struggle because, from where I’m standing, it seems that you like the idea of pro-life, but not at the expense of threatening your sense of self-protection and first world comforts. You can picket abortion clinics and call young women murderers and you lose nothing. There is no personal cost to you. It’s not like you’re out there offering these young terrified women who feel there is no other option another way out. Think about it, if this was truly a cause you cared about so ferociously as “Christians,” wouldn’t it make more sense to look to the ways of Jesus and extend love instead of condemnation?

In the meantime, there is a clear tendency to find any possible reason to oppose anything that threatens a perceived sense of self-comfort, even if it means the certain death of others.

Take the Syrian refugee crisis, one of the biggest humanitarian disasters of our lifetime, millions of innocent who have literally lost everything, and our response: ban them. I’m sure you feel sad when you hear the stories of children buried in rubble or being washed up dead on a beach as they seek safety, but we can’t let them come here, right? What if some “bad ones” got in? We have to be smart and by smart I mean inwardly thinking to the point that we allow children to die for a better piece of mind.

And then there is the idea that everyone in our nation gets healthcare regardless of class or income. But we don’t want our tax money to go toward the health of other people — it’s not our responsibility. It’s better to have private insurance companies profiting off of us.

Okay, so where is the way of Jesus? You know, that sacrificial love stuff.

Seriously, we can both see the hypocrisy here; well, at least I hope we can.

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SOURCE: Patheos

Sheri Faye Rosendahl is a writer, lover of bold love, the Middle East, Yoga and cookies. You can find more of her writing at or find her on Facebook. Sheri and her husband, Rich, also run a non-profit called The Nations, doing peace and humanitarian work with refugee neighbors from the Middle East, both domestically and abroad.