Jay Leno Visits George W. Bush on His Texas Ranch

Jay Leno is kicking off the third season of his hit CNBC show in arguably the most Texas way possible – on the ranch of former President George W. Bush.

Leno recently went to visit Bush in Crawford and the pair drove around in the former Commander-In-Chief’s trusty 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch edition pickup to talk about life in McLennan County.

Bush auctioned off his old 2009 truck for charity in January, raising $300,000. It was even autographed inside.

During his visit Leno helped Bush uproot a tree on his 90-acre tree farm and stack some compost bags. Leno also found out that former First Lady Laura Bush calls her hubby “Bushy” around the house.

According to reports, Bush told Leno that he hasn’t driven on a public road since 1993, roughly right before he began running for governor in Texas.

Once elected, presidents, vice-presidents and first ladies are no longer allowed to drive on public roads, even after they leave office. Obviously The Secret Service would prefer that they do the driving.

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Source: ChHron