Pastor Jamal Bryant Has Been Found In Contempt of Court Over Child Support Case

Pastor Jamal Bryant has been found in contempt of court in the child support case for his failure to obtain medical insurance for his son, along with failing to pay for expenses according to TheJasmineBrand.

In the order, the judge states the issues that LaToya Odom (the mother of Bryant’s son) raised were Bryant failing to pay child support on time, failure to provide medical & life insurance and failure to pay 75% of the uninsured medical expenses.

After reviewing the evidence, the judge found that Bryant did not pay his child support untimely. However, he noted that he did fail to obtain medical & life insurance for his kid and failed to pay 75% of the medical expenses.

Bryant was ordered to pay $2,240.19 + $1,018.12 for a grand total of $3,258.31, then he will be purged of contempt.

SOURCE: FirstLadyB