EU Countries Display United Front at Meeting in Berlin Ahead of G20 Summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gives the opening remark during gathering of European leaders on the upcoming G-20 summit in the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, June 29, 2017. REUTERS/Markus Schreiber/POOL

European leaders said on Thursday that they would work together to press their views on climate change and free trade at a G20 summit next week but made clear that they would not try to isolate U.S. President Donald Trump who has split with them on both issues.

After a meeting in Berlin hosted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she said European countries wanted to send a message of “determination” at the summit in Hamburg on July 7-8 but also find “common solutions” with Washington on issues like climate.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he hoped the United States would “return to reason” after announcing it would pull out of the Paris climate accord, but added that it did not make sense to isolate Trump, saying Europe shared “a lot” with Washington, including the view that terrorism must be tackled.

SOURCE: Reuters