Evangelist Greg Stier to Launch 50,000 Teenagers to Share Gospel; Believes Great Revival Coming

Thousands of teens attend a Dare 2 Share conference in 2013.

Teens today face a host of challenges that were unimaginable to past generations, especially as the culture now even calls into question what it means to be male or female. But one Colorado evangelist is not deterred and is empowering tens of thousands of them with the Gospel.

“Henry David Thoreau said that ‘for every thousand hacking at the leaves of evil, one strikes at the root,'” Greg Stier, founder of Dare 2 Share, told The Christian Post. “What I tell people is that it really is a sin issue, and we need to attack that and the only thing that can attack that, just as in our lives, is the Gospel of Christ.”

“And so if I meet somebody who is transgender, I share the Gospel. I don’t deal with the transgender issue” right then, he said.

Stier believes Christians oftentimes “do it backwards” by dealing with and trying to fix the issues in trying to “win our culture back.” But it can’t be done through “polemic debate or through politics,” he stressed.

“The way we are going to win our culture back is we’re going reach the next generation, and we’re going to disciple the next generation, give them a renewed heart and renewed mind,” he said. “And then, guess what? That will filter down into the moral fiber of our nation and it will filter into our politics.”

And that’s what Stier has been doing for the last 25 years through Dare 2 Share. Thus far, through training events and resources for youth ministers, Dare 2 Share has empowered over a million teens to be bold in their faith.

Stier, who resides in Denver, started the youth organization with the belief that teenagers are powerful and can change the world. They just need to be unleashed.

Stier was raised in a troubled home in a rough urban environment, never knew his biological father, and had an extremely dysfunctional family. But a preacher from the Denver suburbs reached out to one of his toughest uncles and after that his family “fell like dominoes” in coming to Christ. Stier got involved with the youth ministry led by this pastor who saw it as essential to raise up teenagers to share the Gospel.

“They believed that teens came to Christ quicker and shared the Gospel faster,” he recalled, noting that even as a young teenager he felt equipped enough to navigate any Gospel question.

“And it wasn’t because I was exceptional, it was because we were all equipped and trained and inspired by this pastor and our youth leaders to share the Gospel now.”

That same vision and passion to evangelize would give birth to Dare 2 Share. Because he saw his local community transformed by the Gospel he dared to dream bigger, believing that this could happen all over the nation and the world.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Brandon Showalter