Church Members React With Surprise to Resignation of Fred Price Jr.; Ministry says Price’s Father Will Return to Lead Church and Television Program

Crenshaw Christian Center church members reacted with surprise after their pastor, Fred K. Price Jr., announced his resignation over “serious personal misjudgments” after a month-long sabbatical.

Price told the congregation on Sunday, “I have struggled with and am correcting and making amends for serious personal misjudgments which have affected my life and my family and which I deeply regret. I have betrayed the trust of God, my family and you my church and for that I am so sorry. Therefore, I’m gonna step down as pastor at this time.”

The Christian Post interviewed some members and staff at Crenshaw Christian Center. Tamara Taylor, a coordinator at the church, said, “Well, we know what you know. That’s what he said to us. As long as he told us it was personal misjudgment we really shouldn’t speculate.”

Karen Taylor, a staff member at the church’s New York campus, said, “It’s news that no one predicted and it’s up to each individual as to how they receive it. We have no idea what it is [he has done wrong]. What you heard him announce on Sunday is what we heard so we have no speculation and we don’t speculate. We deal with truth.”

Taylor said that previous pastors have had to step down at the New York campus, but that there was no disruption in the ministry. She expects the church to continue running smoothly without Fred Price Jr. at the helm.

Taylor (of the California campus) said Frederick K.C. Price will return as the lead pastor temporarily and will also begin hosting the Ever Increasing Faith television program on TBN once again. “Ever Increasing Faith is not going off the air. It will be aired and the programs will be taught by Apostle Price,” she said.

She reiterated that what Fred K Price Jr. did that caused him to resign was not important to her. “I put myself in his position and if I made some misjudgments and I know that the Word of God tells me to confess before Him and He will cleanse me from all unrighteousness then that would be sufficient for me,” she said. “The what of it, it’s not my business.”