LISTEN: NNPA to honor Martin Luther King III with Lifetime Legacy Award (BCNN, 06/25/17)

1. According to the LA Sentinel / NNPA Newswire, the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) will honor Martin Luther King, III with the 2017 Lifetime Legacy Award during the group’s annual conference this week (June 20-June24) at the Gaylord Convention Center at the National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Md. As the oldest son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King III serves as an ambassador of his parent’s legacy of nonviolent social change. In 1997, Mr. King was elected as the fourth president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) where he co-sponsored the 40th Anniversary of the historic March on Washington.

2. According to USA Today, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders announced plans Saturday to join forces with the conservative Koch brothers to launch a new $21 million venture to work on anti-poverty programs in Dallas. The project, called Prime 5, will expand the Kochs’ work with two existing Dallas programs focused on building young entrepreneurs and reducing gang violence. Organizers plan to expand their support to other groups working in the city. About his focus on community work and the new venture with the billionaire industrialists, Sanders, who is now a network sports commentator, said: “Football and baseball is what I played, but this is what I am.”

3. According to the LA Sentinel, In 1988, one of Black America’s most influential hip-hop groups, N.W.A. let the world know that they were “Straight Outta Compton.” Over the years, N.W.A. member Andre Young, AKA Dr. Dre, never forgot where he came from and has made continued efforts to give back to his city. Last week, the rapper announced a 10 million dollar donation toward a performing arts center for Compton High School. In a statement, Dre said: “My goal is to provide kids with the kind of tools and learning they deserve. The performing arts center will be a place for young people to be creative in a way that will help further their education and positively define their future.”

4. According to the Associated Press, Gerry Martin isn’t sure he will ever tell a police officer during a traffic stop that he has a concealed-weapon permit and possibly a weapon on him. The acquittal of a Minnesota officer in the death of a licensed gun owner who volunteered that he had a gun seconds before being fatally shot during a traffic stop adds to the worries of African-American gun owners about how they are treated by police and society. Acknowledging that they have a weapon, they said, can open them up to violence from police, who can then claim they feared for their lives simply because of the presence of a gun, even a legal one.

5. According to the Associated Press, the Clarion-Ledger reports Ryshonda Harper Beechem was elected in Pelahatchie on June 6. The 37-year-old Mayor-elect will assume office in her hometown on July 1. She’ll also be the first African-American mayor in Rankin County. Pelahatchie roughly is 20 miles (32 kilometers) east of Jackson, has a population of 1,340 and is 60 percent white. Outgoing Mayor Knox Ross says it’s no big surprise to him that Beechem won because it was a three-candidate race in a nonpartisan general election without a runoff. Ross has been mayor since 2001 and didn’t seek reelection. Beechem says she thinks the unknown scares people but, “I would hope being an African-American doesn’t play a factor in that. I love everybody in this town.”

6. According to the LA Sentinel, laughter, tears and great music abound in “Born for This,” a new musical that reveals the early career of gospel music’s legendary duet, BeBe and CeCe Winans. The production, which runs July 11 to August 6 at The Broad Stage in Santa Monica, also contains little-known details about the pair’s journey from unknown teens to singing stars. Described as a coming-of-age story, “Born for This” follows BeBe and CeCe from their home in Detroit, Michigan to Pineville, North Carolina to become singers on Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker’s Praise The Lord Network. The cultural shock they experience combined with the temptations of fame and fortune result in a funny, yet emotional passage toward self-discovery.

7. According to the LA Sentinel, American vocalist, songwriter, and National Recording Academy Member, Sheila Raye Charles; the daughter of the music icon, the legendary Ray Charles and Sandra Jean Betts has passed away after a gallant battle with breast cancer. Sheila Raye was 53. Sheila Raye has traveled across the United States and abroad spreading her message of love and redemption while also keeping her legendary father’s memory alive through song, worship, and praise. Sheila Raye rose above her own tragic life choices to spring back with a message of hope for the world’s children based on her own experience of what faith and belief in ‘God’ can do.

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