WATCH: Omarosa Accuses Congressional Black Caucus of ‘Showboating’ For Refusing To Meet with President Trump a Second Time

“The Honorable” Omarosa Maigault seems upset that the Congressional Black Caucus turned down an invite to meet with Trump a second time, and is having a temper tantrum. It must’ve hurt to come to the realization that she has about as much pull with African Americans as Trump does…LOL. – George L. Cook III,

On Friday, Manigault told Fox Business Network’s Charles Payne that members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) were “showboating” and refusing to serve their constituents, after the lawmakers refused an invitation to meet with President Trump a second time. Watch video of that segment below:

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The Congressional Black Caucus was right not to meet with Trump again

SOURCE: African American Reports – George L. Cook III