God and the Simple Life Are the Keys to Surviving in a World Gone Mad

Sometimes, it seems like the world has gone mad. Global, social, and cultural turmoil continues unabated. Many are now wondering if vaunted realities such as globalization and multiculturalism have made the world worse instead of better. The good old days have never looked better.

A recent Unisys Security Index survey found that anxiety levels among Americans are rising faster than any other place in the world. Concerns are rising “over matters such as war, terrorism, hacking, and identity theft,” McClatchy reported. In the post-2016 election era uncertainty and social strife are ever-present.

The modern world appears to be stealing our happiness and our sanity. Mark Sayers, author of the newly released book Strange Days: Life in the Spirit in a Time of Upheaval, attempts to look at the world through a biblical lens. He points out that nothing this world has to offer will ever leave us feeling satisfied.

In an interview with Christianity Today, he pointed out that immigrants coming to America to find a better life, initially see an improvement in health and well-being, but after they get settled, “those gains appear to be reversed.”

Sayers believes that the uncertainty and anxiety in the modern world stems from attempts to create a God-less, non-religious society. He says, “God made us as religious creatures. We cannot not worship; the only question is who—or what—we worship. Thus the whole of human life is lived in a religious key.”

Sayers challenges people to return to a life of faith in God and a life of simple pleasure and routine in order to avoid getting caught up in the madness of the world. “Paul’s instruction in 1 Thessalonians to live quiet lives can seem boring to those raised on sensation and entertainment,” he says. “But the invitation to live out God’s way in the midst of broken humanity will always be powerful.

by Paul Montague