Are “Prayer Warriors” a Christian Misnomer?

“Prayer Warrior” is a popular term in use by Christians today.

When people speak of “prayer warriors,” it brings to mind a special class of Christians who have a mysterious, powerful way of getting in touch with God. We like to say we have “prayer warriors” on our side. We like to hand off our prayers to the “warriors” who will fight through all the spiritual darkness to get our requests before God.

But there is no such thing as “prayer warriors” in the Bible. There are many special spiritual gifts, but the ability to pray — and to pray in faith — is not one of them.

All Christians are called to be praying people. The Bible gives the command to everyone to “pray without ceasing.”
When you slack off in prayer because you are trusting in “prayer warriors,” you abdicate your position as a child of God. You also miss out on the blessings of a relationship with God that grows the more you pray.

Of course, there are people in the Bible and in church history who have been noted for their powerful prayer lives. But this is not due to any special gift or calling of God. They started praying and trusting God, and they kept on praying and trusting God. It’s as simple as that.

by Paul Montague