Thousands of Christians Ought to be Praying for Trump When Thousands of Witches Are Casting Spells on Trump

Thousands of witches gathered at midnight Wednesday to cast spells on President Donald Trump as part of a summer solstice ritual.

“My thought from the beginning was that Trump’s presidency was surreal and abnormal; therefore, there was a need to counter him and resist his administration beyond the normal channels like public protests, petitions, emails and calls to representatives,” Michel M. Hughes, one of the originators of the spell, tells Vox.

He and a community developed the spell that’s now been cast across the internet as part of the #MagicResistance.

“One very powerful element of the spell is its ability to allow participants to take back their power from the out-of-control administration,” Hughes says.

With the help of the internet, witches, neopagans and other occult-based religions gathered together to practice their magic.

Medium’s Matthew Gault, also a witchcraft practitioner, describes the resistance like this:

Readers may mock magick’s ability to play a part in politics, but this was the first election cycle — to the best of our knowledge — where the political right employed an army of chaos magickians to turn the tide in favor of Trump. To some in the alt-right, Pepe the cartoon frog isn’t just a meme — but an avatar of Egyptian chaos god Kek.

This isn’t a joke. Followers such as Richard Spencer absolutely believe they helped swing the election from Trump through elaborate ritual magick spread across viral memes on the internet. For practitioners, all those Pepe memes weren’t just crass humor but elaborate sigils aimed at launching The Donald into the highest office in the land.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Jessilyn Justice