Thom Rainer and Lawrence Wilson Interview Karl Vaters About Small Churches

Image: Tom Cunniff | Flickr

Small churches are becoming big news!

Recently, I had the chance to be interviewed about small churches by two great ministries.

Both interviews were published this week. One in a podcast, the other in a written article.

1. The Thom Rainer Leadership Podcast #338

First, I was honored to be interviewed by Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe for the Thom Rainer Leadership Podcast.

The title of the episode we recorded together is Five Big Problems For Small Churches.

In it, we cover a wide range of topics of interest to small church pastors, based on two of my previous articles:

We also talked about principles from these previous blog posts:

and more.

This podcast is a great introduction to a new way of thinking about small churches.

Check it out, then pass it along!

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SOURCE: Christianity Today, Karl Vaters