Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem! Thank God, Godly Pastors Are Standing Up in Texas Against LGBT Curriculum

The Houston Area Pastors Council has penned a letter rebuking Houston Superintendent of Schools Dr. Richard Carranza for his new LGBT policies. (Houston ISD photo)

Earlier this week, according to The Houston Chronicle, Houston Independent School District Superintendent Dr. Richard Carranza recommended that “LGBTQ History” be added to the district’s curriculum.

“The LGBTQ movement in the U.S. has a history, and in many cases, many people would call it a civil rights history in terms of acceptance and in terms of who have been leaders of the movement,” Carranza said at a community meeting hosted by the pro-LGBT publication Houston Defender. “I think it’s part of the American history. To include that as part of what kids study is just a bigger picture of who we are as America.”

While Carranza’s comments probably earned him a standing ovation from the LGBT activists in his community, it signaled a first shot in a new battle in defense of traditional, biblical marriage for the Houston Area Pastors Council. The group that famously went head-to-head with the city’s former mayor, Annise Parker, over a so-called “bathroom bill” policy was quick to rebuke the leader of Texas’ largest school district.

Rev. Dave Welch, spokesman for the group, issued the following statement Tuesday evening:

The proposal by HISD Superintendent Richard Carranza to introduce California-style LGBTQ “studies” into our children’s U.S. History curriculum is not about education; it is about indoctrination. Carranza is an import from San Francisco where this kind of propaganda that attempts to equate sexual lifestyles, gender confusion and hostility toward the traditional family has become the norm. The HISD Board of Trustees needs to remind Dr. Carranza that this is Texas, where the people of all ethnicities still believe that our children are to be protected, nurtured and educated, not used as a social experiment of a radical political agenda.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Bob Eschliman