Sean Hannity Slams NBC & Former Colleague Megyn Kelly

On Wednesday night, Sean Hannity again slammed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who he calls the “biggest black helicopter tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist” in the “Destroy Trump Media.”

“This is off-the-hook out of control,” he began. “And if it wasn’t so serious, it’s actually funny.”

He showed a clip of Maddow’s coverage of the Georgia special election where she questioned if “bad weather” had any “partisan implications” in the election results. As Hannity put it, she implied that “bad weather only kept Democrats home.”

He also showed a clip from Maddow’s show last night where she tied President Trump‘s real estate financing to Russia and Vladimir Putin.

“Key words: ‘if this proves out!’” Hannity mocked.

The Fox News host went on to play a montage of her most notable Trump-related “conspiracy theories” as he called them. He also took a stroll down memory lane where he alleges that back in 2011 Maddow attempted to theorize Anthony Weiner‘s Twitter scandal and in 2009 when she wondered in 2009 if Republicans were using “threats of assassinations” as a political tactic.

“So in the Destroy-Trump Media,” he continued, “what you just saw somehow passes for ‘news.’”

He then had a series of questions for several of NBC’s most notable faces.

“Hey Tom Brokaw, are you proud of NBC News now?”

“Megyn Kelly… is she proud of this type of reporting?”

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Source: Mediaite