Obama Holdouts in Department of Education Are Still Pushing Transgender Agenda

There’s a new threat to public school districts that most probably don’t even know about, led by Obama administration holdouts in the Department of Education, that is almost as ridiculous as the last transgender mandate letter.

Earlier this month, Acting Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights Candice Jackson—an Obama appointee who is currently responsible for enforcement of Title IX in public education—wrote an internal memo to regional civil rights managers. In the letter, she asserts that a number of actions by schools deemed to be anti-transgender should trigger Office of Civil Rights investigations.

She noted that on Feb. 22, the May 13, 2016, “Dear Colleague” letter had been rescinded. Also, on March 3, the multi-state lawsuit challenging the letter had been dismissed, and on March 6, the Supreme Court remanded the Virginia case of a student suffering from gender dysphoria back to a lower court. She wrote that there are still opportunities for OCR to push the transgender agenda. She instructed the managers that they should “rely on Title IX and its implementing regulations, as interpreted in decisions of federal courts and OCR guidance documents that remain in effect” to evaluate cases of “transgender sexual discrimination.”

These include:

  • failure to promptly and equitably resolve a transgender student’s complaint of sex discrimination
  • failure to assess whether sexual harassment or gender-based harassment of a transgender student created a hostile environment
  • failure to take steps reasonably calculated to address sexual or gender-based harassment that creates a hostile environment
  • retaliation against a transgender student after concerns about possible sex discrimination were brought to the recipient’s attention
  • different treatment based on sex stereotyping.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Bob Eschliman