Delay-weary straphangers endured yet another morning of crippling service changes Tuesday, with some riders so desperate to escape delays they tried walking subway tracks to get to work on time, witnesses said. Once again, signal problems appeared to be the primary cause of the nightmare.

Uptown B, D, F and M lines began to experience delays around 6:20 a.m., with at least one train stalled in between stops for more than 20 minutes as an MTA conductor warned of signal problems at Herald Square. Regular uptown service on the B and D halted entirely for a time and trains were rerouted to Penn.

The situation got so dire, witnesses aboard a stalled northbound F train said two men late for work climbed between subway cars and leaped onto the tracks, allegedly planning to walk the course to the next station.

At Broadway-Lafayette, frustrated customers had to transfer trains at times only to be told they had to transfer yet again. Trains had started rolling again on their usual routes by about 8 a.m., but the MTA warned of extensive delays. But then — the signal problems returned, suspending B train service between Brighton Beach Avenue and Bedford Park Boulevard by 8:15 a.m. Northbound D and F trains were being rerouted on the C and E lines. M train service was also shut down in spots. Latest details here.

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