WATCH: Kyrie Irving Renovates his Dad’s House for Father’s Day Surprise

© David Richard-USA TODAY Sports Kyrie Irving and his sister surprised their father with a home renovation.

Kyrie Irving without question has to be extremely disappointed with the outcome of the NBA Finals as his Cleveland Cavaliers squad couldn’t measure up to the unstoppable Golden State Warriors, losing a bid at consecutive championships in five games.

But at least the Cavs point guard can take joy in how he recently surprised his dad with a home renovation for Father’s Day.

Irving, along with sister Asia, teamed up with online show “My Houzz,” which boasts Ashton Kutcher as its producer, for the extreme makeover of father Drederick’s home.

Irving obviously could afford to buy his dad a brand new, luxurious home. But the modest home the Irvings were raised in is the only home Drederick has ever owned and he is inclined to remain in it. Hence, the major renovation to several living areas.

“It’s his first house,” Kyrie says, via “I think he wants it to be his only house. This is where I grew up, and I respect him even more for wanting to keep it. But I know there’s always things he wants to improve on in the house.”

Irving emotionally speaks of his dad’s devotion to him and his sister in the episode, praising his father for sacrificing so much so they could pursue their dreams.

“He sacrificed a lot,” Irving says. “He ultimately gave up his dream to play basketball professionally [to support his family]. He really was super dad.”


“Incredible, I’m like speechless,” Drederick says of the remodel.

The highlights of the renovation were a complete makeover of the kitchen and a new trophy room.

“I didn’t know you were keeping all this stuff,” Irving says of all the trophies in an emotional scene. “It’s not so much [the trophies], it’s about the relationship I have with my dad.

“My dad gave up his dream for my sister’s dreams and my dreams. He knew that from the beginning. It’s incredible to see he has every single trophy. This really means a lot.”

SOURCE: YardBarker – Jason Rowan