NFL Star Ben Watson Says America Is ‘Reaping the Consequences of Fatherlessness’ In Father’s Day Post

(Photo: Facebook/Benjamin Watson) Benjamin Watson with his two sons, Isaiah and Juda.

As America celebrates Father’s Day 2017, Baltimore Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson has issued a reminder that the nation is currently suffering from the dire effects of “fatherlessness” and asserted that Satan would love nothing more than to keep dads from connecting with their children.

Watson, a devout Christian and father of five kids who is the author of the recently released The New Dad’s Playbook: Gearing Up for the Biggest Game of Your Life, took to his Facebook page on Sunday to commemorate the day by detailing one experience he had eight years ago in a mall with his firstborn daughter.

“As I sat on a bench, feeding her, a teenage girl walked up to us. She said, ‘Your [sic] a good dad, I never had one. Be true to your daughter,'” Watson wrote. “As she left I felt the incredible pain in her words as well as the challenge she left me with.”

As the negative societal effects of fatherlessness on children has been well documented, Watson explained that “fatherlessness is at an all time high and we as a nation are reaping the consequences.”

According to the National Center for Fathering, over 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father, while there are millions of other fathers who are physically present but “emotionally absent” from their children’s lives. According to the group, if fatherlessness was a disease, it would be “an epidemic worthy of attention as a national emergency.”

“It is past time for us [men] to step up and be who we were designed to be,” Watson continued in his post, adding that men were designed to be “fathers, daddies, papas and dads.”

“Sometimes it’s not easy, but our kids need us more than we know,” he added. “We have the power to be world changers through our offspring. Walk with them, talk with them, love them, empower them, kiss them, squeeze them, affirm them, esteem them, protect them, teach them, and simply be with them. You can do it! Now is the time.”

Although Watson suffered an Achilles injury that cost him his entire 13th season in the NFL last year, it gave him the time needed to complete his New Dad’s Playbook, which is a handbook released in May that gives a breakdown of what first time fathers should expect as their wives and mother of their children go through pregnancy and what they should know in order to raise a child from birth.

In an interview with former ESPN producer Jason Romano on his “Sports Spectrum” podcast Thursday, Watson explained that he was pushed to write the book by his wife, Kristen.

“She was like, ‘Benjamin, you need to write a handbook for dads so that as they go through pregnancy, they know what to do, what not to do, what to say, what not to say to the mother of their children and give them encouragement but give them real practical information about the first OB-GYN appointment, about setting up a nursery,'” Watson recalled.

The book covers things from how to put on a diaper, swaddle a baby and what to do when their significant other has morning sickness.

“[The book] give[s] guys information that they won’t know until they go through it. Hopefully, if they know it beforehand, they can navigate this pregnancy thing much more smoothly and without as much conflict that I had with my wife when we had our first child and our second child,” Watson said.


SOURCE: The Christian Post – Samuel Smith