Martin Freeman to Produce TV Show Based Off of John Milton’s Epic ‘Paradise Lost’

Actor Martin Freeman, famous for movies such as “The Hobbit,” and British T.V. show “Sherlock,” has reportedly been signed on to produce a T.V. version of John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost.

Paradise Lost is epic, exciting and surprisingly modern. And maybe the first time the devil gets all the best tunes,” Freeman said, as reported by Variety.

Fellow producer Laurence Bowen said that Paradise Lost “is like a biblical ‘Game of Thrones’ transporting the reader into an internecine world of political intrigue and incredible violence.”

“At stake? The future of mankind. There’s never been a better time for big, original, bold drama series and Martin and I both feel incredibly inspired by the material,” he said.

Paradise Lost was written by English poet John Milton in the 17th century, and largely follows the expulsion of Satan from Heaven and his war against God.

The poem also chronicles Adam and Eve’s temptation and fall in the Garden of Eden, as well as visions of Old Testament events leading up to the life of Jesus Christ.

As BBC Culture described the poem, “Its dozen sections are an ambitious attempt to comprehend the loss of paradise — from the perspectives of the fallen angel Satan and of man, fallen from grace. Even to readers in a secular age, the poem is a powerful meditation on rebellion, longing and the desire for redemption.”

Paradise Lost has sparked debate and controversy throughout the centuries for its arguably sympathetic portrayal of Satan, both in and outside Christian circles, though Milton has argued that he was trying to “justify the ways of God to men” instead.

Variety noted that there are no actors yet attached to the project, and so far no start date for production, though Oscar award-winning effect house Framestore will be involved.

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Source: Christian Post