Man Claims Secret to Long Life is Found in 5-Day Fast, Diabetes Pill That Supposedly Has Anti-Ageing Effects

A new extreme fasting diet is believed to be the secret behind living a longer life and avoiding diseases associated with ageing – but a ‘magic’ pill could do an even better job of extending your life span.

Italian scientist Valter Longo believes simply not eating for periods of time is the best way to rid the body of toxins and rejuvenate cells, and Channel Seven journalist Denham Hitchcock pushed his body to the limits to put it to the test.

Using diets similar to fasting, Professor Longo says humans can break down harmful cells and grow new stem cells when they start eating properly again.

Hitchcock tried the controversial five-day diet and survived on less than a third of the average human calorie intake.

Aside from minor hunger pain and fantasies about food, he was able to suffer through five days of eating granola bars, oil capsules and soups with remarkable results.

Blood tests showed Mr Hitchcock’s body had experienced a dramatic growth in stem cells that repair and replenish diseased, damaged tissues.

However, diets and organic lifestyles are no match for a single ‘magic pill’ produced by scientists which can drastically slow the ailments of ageing.

Metformin, a pill used to treat diabetes, has an astonishing side effect – it decreases the likelihood of contracting many diseases including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

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Source: Daily Mail