BCNN1 Editors say, Lysa TerKeurst, We Love You and We Thank God for You and What You Have Done to Help Women, But You Need to Resign from Proverbs 31 Ministries

If Lysa Terkeurst were a man heading up a ministry such as hers, everybody would be calling for him to resign. The same should go for women heading up such ministries, especially one leading a ministry such as Proverbs 31.

Besides that, no one with any spiritual discernment is going to buy that her husband is the big, evil, bad monster and she’s the sweet, little lamb. Whenever there is a divorce, both parties have issues. Sadly, many Christians have bought into this lie that it is always the man causing the problems in the marriage and that the woman is always innocent. And that is just not the case.

Lysa, we recommend that you let someone like Lois Evans, the wife of Tony Evans, or Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth take over Proverbs 31 Ministries at least temporarily. No one is condemning you, but you need to admit that you were not perfect in your marriage either and we urge you to reconcile with your husband. As you stated in your blog post, you “always encouraged women to fight for their marriages and to do everything possible to save them when they come under threat.” We urge you to do the same.

As the reason for continuing your ministry, you stated that you were determined “not to let darkness win.” Well, the way you do that is by not letting darkness win over your family by reconciling with your husband and getting your family back together.

–BCNN1 Editors