Gospel Artist James Hall and his Pastor File $15 Million Lawsuit Against “Jilted” Bishop Who Launched Scandal Campaign Against Them After Homosexual Relationship with Hall was Spurned

Pictured: (Left) Gospel artist James Hall; (Right) Jeffrey Thomas

A jilted bishop launched a holy war against a Brooklyn church after he got the wrong idea from the worship center’s pastor and musical director about fellowship, a lawsuit says.

Gospel artist James Hall said he was just showing Christian love when he helped Pentecostal Bishop Jeffrey Thomas through a recent illness, according to court papers.

But the bishop had romance on the brain, and when Hall rejected his advances, Thomas embarked on a scandal campaign against Hall that drew in the musical director’s pastor and their Cypress Hills church, according to the lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Thomas, 35, and Hall met at a church-related event in 2015. So smitten was Thomas with Hall that after several more meetings, he gave up his ministry in North Carolina and moved to New York. But after several rejections — and several jealous tantrums — Thomas sought revenge on social media, posting hints about a sexual relationship between Hall and the church’s pastor, Kevin Bond, and contacting church members with salacious accusations about the church leaders.

Hall, who has recorded several gospel albums, said Thomas was trying to “destroy me and my career.”

“There is no justification for this conduct,” Hall said in the lawsuit. “There is no justification for this conduct. Mr. Thomas has never expressed any purpose to his actions other than some imagined relationship he believes he has with me, and is nothing more than a disgruntled fan.”

The suit said Hall stayed with Thomas for a while and helped him recover from an illness in North Carolina. After his move to New York, Thomas stayed with Hall until he found a place of his own.

But at various out-of-town church events, Thomas became jealous when Hall drew interest from men and women.

Bond, meanwhile, said the attacks on his character hurt his reputation.

Thomas could not be reached for comment.

The church leaders are seeking an injunction against Thomas and $15 million in damages.

SOURCE: NY Daily News – Leonard Greene