Justice Neil M. Gorsuch, center left, and Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. descending the stairs of the Supreme Court after Justice Gorsuch’s investiture ceremony welcoming him to the court on Thursday. (Stephen Crowley/The New York Times)

President Trump, who is awaiting word from the Supreme Court on the fate of his travel ban, paid his first visit to the court on Thursday for a formal ceremony welcoming his appointee, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch.

Mr. Trump has been sharply critical of federal judges, including Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. (“an absolute disaster”) and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (“her mind is shot”). He made no public remarks at the court on Thursday, watching the proceedings from a seat reserved for prominent visitors.

Chief Justice Roberts greeted Mr. Trump and his wife, Melania, from the bench. “Mr. President,” the chief justice said, “I extend to you and the first lady a warm welcome.”

Justice Gorsuch joined the Supreme Court more than two months ago and has been hard at work. In April, he was an active participant in the current term’s final arguments. He issued his first opinion this week, and it was lively, polished and unanimous.

But one piece of pomp remained: his formal investiture. The proceedings were “purely ceremonial,” the court’s public information office noted, but they were stately and steeped in history.

Justice Gorsuch was, for instance, initially seated facing the bench in a chair that had been used by Chief Justice John Marshall.

The ceremony was attended by lawmakers, federal judges, current and former Justice Department officials and members of Justice Gorsuch’s family.

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SOURCE: NY Times, Adam Liptak