After Resolution Denouncing “Alt-Right White Supremacy” Passes, National African American Fellowship Extends Help to SBC Churches and Entities to Overcome Racism

Byron Day

Calling the resolution denouncing “alt-right white supremacy” the Southern Baptist Convention’s “strongest statement to date” condemning racism, the president of the SBC’s fellowship of African American pastors offered to help churches and entities overcome the evil.

Byron Day, president of the SBC National African American Fellowship of 4,000 churches, extended help to churches and entities through a written statement to Baptist Press June 15, just one day after the resolution passed by a near unanimous vote.

“NAAF stands ready to assist our churches and entities in pursuing the elimination of any remaining forms of intentional or unintentional racism among us,” said Day, senior pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Laurel, Md. “I am confident by the grace of God that the Southern Baptist Convention will be a true picture of the Kingdom of God that consists of every tribe and language and people and every nation.”

Day expressed hope that the resolution was only a first step, “because words are just words without action that make those words reality,” he said.

The resolution was an amended version of a document submitted by Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas, and was approved after two failed attempts June 13 to bring it to the convention floor. After an outcry by some messengers and widespread publicity, the Resolutions Committee gained approval to submit the resolution to the floor June 14.

“The confusion in getting the resolution to a vote caused an uproar in the African American community,” Day said. “The decision by the committee not to recommend the resolution in its original form was perceived by many that Southern Baptists did not value this important issue not just for African Americans but for all those who claim to be followers of Christ.

“Nevertheless, it was encouraging to see Southern Baptists demand a vote and pass overwhelmingly this strong statement against racism and those who advocate such ideologies,” Day said.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Diana Chandler