Demon-Possessed Man High on Synthetic Street Drug Tries to Bite Police Officer After Being Repeatedly Tasered

A video filmed by a bystander is making its way around Facebook showing police fighting what looks like an actual zombie. We’re not sure where it was filmed or when this incident took place, but it’s one of the crazier videos we’ve seen.

It starts off with two men passed out in front of a convenient store. Police and EMS were called to the scene to assist. Officers show up and sit one of the men up before trying to help him stand.

As the officers are helping him up, he starts snapping at them with his teeth. The officers try to put his hands around his back and the man continues to bite at them.

Two simultaneous Taser shots later, the man crashes his face right through a window. It’s not over yet though, he belly crawls at the officers while biting and pulling the Taser probes out.

In the end, officers were able to get the man under control before having a chunk took out of them. I’m guessing that he was probably smoking something synthetic like Flakka.