Japan Passes Controversial Bill Allowing Authorities to Target Terror Conspiracies

Japan’s lawmakers have passed a controversial bill allowing authorities to target terror conspiracies.

PM Shinzo Abe’s ruling bloc pushed it through the upper house early on Thursday, despite vocal opposition.

The government argues the law is needed to improve security ahead of the 2020 Olympics, and to comply with a UN agreement Japan has signed.

But critics say it weakens civil liberties and could be abused to monitor and target innocent citizens.

The law has sparked protests, including one on Wednesday night outside the parliament building which was attended by thousands of demonstrators.

What changes with the new law?
The law, which criminalises the plotting and committing of 277 acts, amends an existing law against organised crime syndicates.

It bans the procurement of funds or supplies and the surveying of a location in preparation of any of these offences.

An entire group – defined as two or more people – can be charged if at least one member is found to have been plotting the crime.

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