After Warriors’ Win, Kevin Durant Gets Last Laugh in Tiff With Cavs Superfan Rihanna

Rihanna isn’t going to just take the Warriors’ NBA Finals victory on Monday sitting down. Not figuratively anyways. After the game, the pop star took to Instagram to show that her allegiance has not changed; she’s still Team King James.

Rihanna posted a “Lion King” clip of Mufasa saving Simba from a stampede (spoilers, but if you haven’t seen The Lion King then check your pulse) with her face superimposed over Simba’s and LeBron’s over Mufasa’s. Borrowing some Bay Area vernacular: It was hella weird.

Rihanna also posted a picture of herself with an NBA favorite: Good old Crying Jordan.

To her credit, Rihanna quietly sneaked in some congratulations to Kevin Durant due to their Roc Nation connections, but her allegiances have been no secret. The Warriors were caught in the middle of a side-plot that could only happen in 2017 throughout this series, when after Game 1 seemingly every Warrior player was asked about the Bad Girl and the team’s views on her. This is probably Jeff Van Gundy’s fault somehow, but Rihanna has been an adamant LeBron James fan. It shouldn’t be a surprise that she’s been so vocal regarding the Cavaliers-Warriors matchup.

There seemed to be some kind of lingering hope that Rihanna would serve as a distraction for Durant, but it wasn’t to be. Durant dropped over 30 points in every game of the series, decisively earning Finals MVP honors in his first championship. Maybe when he mentioned “The Hardest Road,” he meant losing his chance with Rihanna. Whatever the case, Durant’s message to Rihanna was simple after the game:

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