Worshippers Outraged as Woman Strips Naked at Jerusalem’s Western Wall

A 23-year-old woman took off her clothes at Jerusalem’s Western Wall holy site and then made a break towards the men’s section, shocking worshippers.

The Times of Israel reported the woman, who is from the Jerusalem area, was stopped by security guards who covered her and and then detained her, a police statement said.

The streaker prompted shouts and screams from people praying at the Western Wall, the most sacred site in Judaism. “People started to scream and cry and when she started moving toward the men’s section, she was stopped by force,” one witness told Israel’s Channel 2.

Eventually the woman was escorted from the Western Wall’s open plaza and questioned. According to witnesses, she entered the area in clothed and then got undressed in the women’s section. The woman appeared to have come determined to “cause a provocation,” one onlooker claimed.

In a YouTube video of the incident that has subsequently been removed, the woman is filmed from behind slowly walking towards the men’s section. Entrances and areas of prayer are segregated at the Western Wall, as is common in Orthodox Jewish synagogues.

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SOURCE: Newsweek, Callum Paton