WATCH: Pat Robertson Raises Eyebrows with Answer To ‘Polygamy In the Bible’ Question on “The 700 Club”

Popular televangelist Pat Robertson, who serves as chancellor of Regent University and chairman of the Christian Broadcasting Network, has said he doesn’t know of anything in the Bible that condemns polygamy — the practice of having more than one wife or husband at the same time. “I’m not sure I know anything in the Bible that indicates polygamy, as such, is against the Bible. But we don’t do it and there are a lot of laws based on the New Testament [that] don’t permit it, and that’s where we are,” Robertson said in a clip from “The 700 Club” series posted on YouTube Wednesday. Robertson was responding to a question from a viewer identified only as Margaret who asked: “Why did God allow the men of faith in the Old Testament to have multiple wives and concubines? And when did God change His mind and make marriage monogamous?”

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SOURCE: End Time Headlines