Queen’s Speech to be Delayed ‘a Few Days’ Amid Government Turmoil

The Queen’s Speech – in which the government sets out its legislative programme – has been delayed for a few days, the BBC understands.

The set-piece event had been due to take place on Monday 19 June.

The Conservatives are negotiating with the Democratic Unionist Party to get support for their minority government.

Brexit Secretary David Davis predicted some parts of the Tory manifesto would now have to be “pruned” after the Tories lost their Commons majority.

The Queen’s Speech is written by the government and presents an outline of its planned legislation for the next Parliamentary session.

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said the decision to delay it revealed an “ambiguity” about what would go in it – with several manifesto pledges expected to be watered down or dropped – but also the need for the Tories to “nail down” DUP support.

A defeat for its Queen’s Speech would be tantamount to a vote of no confidence in the new minority government, he said.

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