Megyn Kelly is being widely attacked for an upcoming interview on her NBC news magazine show with Alex Jones, who believes that 9/11 was an inside job and the Sandy Hook school shooting that killed 20 students and six educators was a hoax.
The former Fox News host shared a preview of her sit-down with Jones, the popular and very polarizing host of InfoWars, following her most recent show on Sunday night.

She later posted the clip on her Twitter account, writing: ‘It was a riveting exchange. Promise you that.’

Horrific loss: Many soon began to retweet the comments being posted online by Nelba Marquez-Greene, who lost her 6-year-old daughter Ana in the school shooting (Ana above)

That comment did not go over well with some however, including Chelsea Clinton.

‘There is no justification for amplifying lies (or a liar), particularly about unimaginable tragedy. I hope no parent, no person watches this,’ wrote the former first daughter, who is the mother of two young children.

Chelsea is also a former NBC employee, where she worked for three years from 2011 to 2014 as a ‘special correspondent’ for the news division.

That post netted her an annual salary of $600,000 despite her infrequent appearances on the network, with one of her interviews being with the GEICO gecko on an episode of the now-cancelled ‘Rock Center With Brian Williams’.

Chelsea, and many others, then began to retweet Nelba Marquez-Greene, who in a direct response to Kelly’s tweet wrote: ‘I promise you it’s not riveting. How [would] you feel if someone shot your kids, some fool said it wasn’t true – and I gave him a show?’

Greene’s daughter Ana was a victim of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting, losing her life at the age of six when gunman Adam Lanza opened fire in the school.

NBC News did  not respond to a request for comment.

In the wake of the immediate backlash she received on social media, Kelly tried to address her detractors.

‘I hate that this type of coverage is gonna help legitimize him. Truly disappointing’, wrote one Twitter user on Sunday night.

‘POTUS’s been on & praises @RealAlexJones’ show. He’s giving Infowars a WH press credential. Many don’t know him; our job is 2 shine a light,’ Kelly explained .

President Trump is a big fan of Jones’ show, and a frequent listener he himself has admitted in the past.

He also appeared on the show during his campaign.

In the preview of her interview with Jones, the NBC News host demands to know how he can declare something like Sandy Hook a hoax given the loss of young lives and parents who are still grieving for their children.

‘Oh I know, but they don’t get angry about the half-million dead Iraqis from the sanctions…’ starts Jones before he is cut off by Kelly and accused of dodging her question.

‘The media doesn’t cover all the evil wars…’ begins Jones, who again is cut-off by Kelly.

‘That doesn’t excuse the things you said about Newtown, you know that,’ states the host, who actually traveled to Texas to meet with Jones in his own studio.

‘Here’s the difference, I looked at all the angles of Newtown and I made my statements before the media even picked it up.’

Jones initially argued that the government was behind the murders, but later amended that conspiracy and now believes there were no deaths at Sandy Hook and the victims were played by child actors.


Kelly’s two-minute preview infuriated Greene, who continued to voice her disgust, disdain, and disbelief on social media throughout the night and into the morning.

In other tweets, Greene asked Kelly if she planned to ‘give [Jones’] victims equal air time’ and criticized her for turning ‘victim pain’ into ‘entertainment’ for her show.

‘To give a man like this such a platform normalizes behavior that isn’t normal. How do I explain this to my son?’ asked Greene.

She later opined: ‘It’s a miracle no #sandyhook parent has ended their life yet. The loss of a loved one and the constant harrasment is too much. @MegynKelly’

Then, in a tweet that has been shared over 5,000 times, Greene posted a school photo of her deceased daughter.

‘Here you go @MegynKelly – her name is Ana Grace Márquez-Greene. Say her name- stare at this & tell me it’s worth it,’ wrote Greene.

In a series of tweets that began on Sunday night and are still being posted to her account, Greene also shared some of the horrors that she and other parents endure because of Jones and other deniers of the grade-school massacre.

‘It has been 5 years since we lost our child. While we don’t speak of the harassment very often, I must tell you it has left us traumatized,’ wrote Greene in one tweet.

She then bgean taking grabs of the comments she recieves on social media and posting them on her own twitter account, writing on one: ‘Because this is what it looks like when you shine light on #AlexJones – they don’t go away. They double down @megynkelly . #SandyHook.’

In the attached grab, a woman wrote to Greene: ‘Did Ana really die? Everyone knows SandyHook is SandyHoax. Did you sell her into a Child-trafficking ring?’

She then shared another grab of a Twitter user ‘asking a grieving mom for live shots and proof of dead bodies and coroner reports.’

That man then began to harass Greene on Twitter, writing: ‘Got court records? Blood samples? Coroner reports? … proving a gunman shot her at #SandyHook?’

He later wrote: ‘Not disrespecting anyone. Just asking questions to give you an opportunity to make your case. So far you’re failing at it.’

The family of first-grade teacher Vicki Soto also criticized NBC in a post on Facebook that was shared Sunday night.

In a letter addressed to NBC and Kelly, Soto’s family wrote: ‘We would like it to be publicly known that we are greatly disappointed in your decision to give Alex Jones airtime. Alex and his followers have done nothing but make our lives a living hell for the last 4 1/2 years.’

The letter then details how their private family photos have been dissected by Jones and other conspiracy theorists, with one man interrupting their annual memorial run for Soto, who was just 27 when she was killed while shielding her students from the shooter.

‘This incessant need for ratings at the cost of the emotional well-being of our family is disgusting and disappointing,’ wrote the family.

‘You should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing this behavior. We hope you never are subjected to the kind of torture that Alex Jones and his followers inflict on us.’

Chelsea meanwhile has yet to personally weigh in again on Kelly’s interview, though she did send a message to Green on Twitter, writing: ‘I’m so sorry Nelba, you continually confront disbelief and derision. It should be obvious how very, very wrong that is.’

Just a few days prior she had tried to have a little fun on social media with Kelly, sharing a photo of the recent Enquirer cover story on the NBC host and writing: ‘welcome to the “club”! Soon you too will have alien children (or siblings), excerpts from diaries never kept published, & more!’

Speaking up: A letter to NBC and Kelly from the family of Vicki Soto calling for the show to not air (above)

SOURCE: DailyMail – Chris Spargo