WATCH: Dr. Tony Evans Normally Does Not Talk About the Churches and Pastors that Have Been Influenced Through his Ministry, but Pastor Conway Edwards, Who Served Under him for Some Time, is On Fire for God in Plano, TX. Here is a Sermon Titled, “Healing Hidden Wounds.”

Pastor Conway Edwards
Pastor Conway Edwards

“Pastor Conway is one of the most multi-gifted people I know. He has a unique ability to take what God wrote yesterday and make it live today by ‘contemporizing’ truth without compromising truth. One continues to have a passion for community and I know people will be touched by the Word of God and how they see life lived by the leaders and members of this church.”

–Dr. Tony Evans
Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, TX

Healing Hidden Wounds

Dr. Conway Edwards is the founding and lead pastor of One Community Church, a fast growing church in Plano, Texas ministering to the communities of Collin County and hosting 7000 weekly in attendance. As lead pastor, Dr. Edward’s unique ability to communicate the truths of the Bible in a relevant and uncompromising manner has helped to reach a generation of men, women, singles, couples and families embedded in a culture defined by individualism, materialism and humanism.

Dr. Edwards holds a Master of Theology, with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry, from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). While at DTS, he was a Leadership Fellow with the Center for Christian Leadership, under the guidance of Dr. Howard Hendricks. Dr. Edwards also holds a Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University. He formerly served as Director of Singles at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Dr. Tony Evans, and is passionate about leadership and the local church. He is the author of Leading a Turnaround Ministry: A Process for Exponential Growth and is co-author of When Love’s In View and The Undercover Woman, with his wife, Jada.

Dr. Edwards and Jada are proud parents of a son, Joah, and a daughter, Chloe.

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