LISTEN: Why Do We Pray So Little in Our Worship Services? A Case for More Corporate Prayer

In many evangelical churches, the public prayers are casual, short, and few. Is that a problem? How does this contemporary situation compare to the history of Protestant churches? How should pastors seek to reinvigorate their churches’ prayer practices?

Jonathan Leeman sat down with Mark Dever to discuss all these questions and more.


– In your experience, what does the public prayer look like in the average evangelical church? How does this compare historically? (:50)

– Without impugning motives, why do churches pray so little? (2:50)

– Is there a pattern of corporate prayer in the Bible? (4:00)

– Is a church being disobedient if they’re not giving ample time to corporate prayer? (5:25)

– What does should the public prayer look like? What is a prayer of praise of confession? Should only men pray publicly? (6:30)

– How should a pastor think through his “pastoral prayer” (14:00)?

– This amount of prayer can be tough to get through for those not used to it. It slows people down and causes us to actively participate in a service. (21:00)

– Why pray “we” not “I”? (24:45)

– What about a Sunday evening prayer service? (25:15)

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SOURCE: 9Marks