After Facebook Feud in Brooklyn, 1 Teen Shot, Another Injured

The cold-blooded killers emerged from the bushes, the only sound in the Brooklyn night coming from the ends of their two handguns. 

When the shooting stopped, the screaming started: Kieth Kyser, 17, was dead and his wounded 14-year-old cousin bleeding after a late-night Bushwick ambush and execution, authorities said.

“Oh my God! That’s my brother!” screamed Kyser’s older sister as blood poured from the dying teen. “They killed my brother!”

The 1:45 a.m. Friday shooting was sparked by an escalating Facebook beef between Kyser and his killers, sources said.

Witnesses described a chaotic, heartbreaking scene as the shooters fled — with cops nabbing one of the two suspects. Neighbor Debbie Lewis, 57, heard as many as nine rapid-fire gunshots giving way to howls of grief.

“People were hysterical, crying,” said Lewis, a mother of two. “It sounded really horrible . . . From the way it sounded, it seemed like he died right away.”

Cops had one man in custody after the killing, a suspect nabbed after seeking refuge inside a Broadway bodega about a mile from the murder scene.

The suspect — who police did not identify — told store workers that he was laying low after shooting two people. Charges were pending against him. His rap sheet includes a dozen prior arrests.

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